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Wolsztyn scheduled services to continue until May 2020         

A decision has been reached by Parowozownia Wolsztyn to continue running the existing steam services throughout the winter into early spring, as while the annual timetable change happens in December, the original 3 year contract for the steam services to replace diesel started in May 2017.


The steam services will start on Jan 17th following the Christmas /New Year Break. The retired Polish crews currently operating some of the services, on a limited hourís contract, will have their contracts extended until then.  


The services will be 2 round trips to Leszno Monday to Friday and 2 to Poznan on Saturdays. 

The Wolsztyn Experience has confirmed that their footplate courses will continue throughout the winter of 2020. This may well be the last opportunity for enthusiasts to experience a footplate course on the main line whilst experiencing the challenging winter conditions of snow, ice & lots of steam. A special offer of 25% discount for volunteers from preserved railways who have never visited Wolsztyn is available until Saturday 25th. April 2020, subject to availability.


Our web site has specific chapters on all our activities indicated by the tabs on the top or on the left hand side; if it is purely standard gauge Footplating click on that tab and likewise for Narrow gauge, Tourism etc. 

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