2019! The last year for Wolsztyn Experience footplate courses.


Wolsztyn Experience announces that 2019 is most likely to be the last year of footplate courses on the scheduled steam services from Wolsztyn to Poznan and Leszno. 

Our footplate courses have operated since 1996 and have been the worlds leading footplate courses. The regional government has funded 35,000 miles of scheduled steam services for 2019, steam replacing railcars. Very likely cutbacks which are limiting regional government spending will bite and the subsidy will be much less in the future; this makes it unsure which scheduled services will operate and for which part the year they will run.  Another problem is that the majority of the crews will have to retire after 2019; this combined with the likelihood of an irregular service will make the Wolsztyn Experience’s courses not practicable.

The 2019 scheduled steam services from Wolsztyn start on Jan 21st with a twice daily M-F service to Leszno and a twice a day service on Saturdays to Poznan. The exception to these services will be no steam on Polish bank holidays and none in the week preceding the annual Steam Parade on 4th May. This holds good until Dec 14th 2019. See the timetable under Downloads.

By having a gap in steam services from mid Dec 2018 until Jan 21st 2019, and no Sunday or bank holiday services and none on the week prior to the parade, the mileage funded by Wielkopolska will be contained within the agreed amount; however, many bank holidays will have the Turkol/Wolsztyn Experience specials running, on these we offer packages for railway enthusiasts and some sections it may be possible to supply a chase car for photographers. The full programme of Turkol and Wolsztyn Experience special services running mainly over long weekends is now available to view under the downloads menu. There are some very unusual routes and destinations for track bashers and gricers. Gricing packages are available and costed on the download table. This year will include a grand 1550 miles, 6 day steam tour from Wolsztyn to Zakopane;  we last ran a steam special to there in 2001 in deep snow however we do not expect that in August!!


We can add family friendly excursions to a footplating holiday on one of the worlds best opportunities to learn how to drive a steam loco; see our excursions page or email Nigel for more information.

We now have a NEW EMAIL address as some clients had experienced difficulties with the old email our NEW EMAIL address is -   wolsztynexperiencesteam@gmail.com

Note:  Our old email info@thewolsztynexperience.org may still work but please do your best to use the new one. 

Our web site has specific chapters on all our activities indicated by the tabs on the top or on the left hand side; if it is purely standard gauge Footplating click on that tab and likewise for Narrow gauge, Tourism etc. 

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