Wolsztyn Experience-back on track for 2015

Participants on the Wolsztyn Experience footplating courses have seen whats its like to drive a steam loco, and have completed 2,000,000 miles of main line footplating courses up to 2014, so why not add yours to this in 2015.

Whilst daily scheduled services were temporarily suspended during 2014, an initiative created by the Wolsztyn Experience and Turkol (the Polish Steam Operator) is re - instating pseudo schedule Steam services with 4 day operations on 15 selected dates throughout 2015 until the eventual return of the daily service.

These 4 days services are in many ways better than the normal scheduled services as they give a variety of routes including a long distance special service on the Saturday.
Costs start at GBP 875 for 4 day`s including up to 6 nights accommodation at the Wolsztyn Experience House or similar accommodation. see Footplating for dates and further information.

You can also footplate one of the 21 Main Line Specials operating all over Poland this year. The costs start at GBP 400 excluding accommodation, with some trips offering over 400 Miles on the footplate in one day. Again see Footplating for dates and further information Driving Courses for Beginners

In another initiative The Wolsztyn Experience in conjunction with the Jaworzyna Śląska Muzeum are offering a combination of personal driver training, fly shunting and short Main Line runs every weekend from the beginning of June until the end of August.
Costs start at GBP 550 for 3 nights B&B in on suite accommodation just 400 metres from the shed see Footplating for dates and further information.

Photographers and Gricers Packages 

All Railway Enthusiast can help us to get scheduled service steam running again in Poland by booking your railway holidays with us and for traveling on our Wolsztyn 4 days off steam services we offer 5 nights B&B with unlimited travel on all 4 day`s Trains and a photographers guide for just GBP 159. On the long distance special trains seats are available at GBP 60.

In Jaworzyna Śląska you can enjoy 3 nights B&B, 2 day`s travel on Steam Trains, VIP access to the Museum and a short Driving Experience for just GBP 149.

For more information and booking please contact Nigel Fitt 0044 (0)1842 860436 or contact page


A Poem by Phillip Buddell

Thought Id put a few words down to say just how we feel we love your little railway town and the trains

oh! so realfrom near and far across the world with cameras for that image its Wolsztyn Town we choose to come to make that special pilgrimage.
With lightened hearts our day starts out early on the track we watch them on the outward run, again when coming back,
all the while we stare in awe, the beauty that we see, couldnt really wish for more as we revel in our glee.
The footplate now a forbidding place, shovel at the ready, the clock it is we must race, hey keep the pressure steady, so we might arrive on time next station when were due, fireman driver working hard in a blackened hue.
Work almost done its time to come back to the engine shed, ashes and dust we must dispose before we go to bed, and through the night as we sleep the mighty loco will groan and creek, lets pray to God that all this, is not lost and we may keep.
Before we know its time to go and board our homeward flight,what weve seen and what weve done  we still dont know the plight, dozing snoozing in my seat as were touching down, was it all a crazy dream, or were we in Wolsztyn Town

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